Spectra delivers comprehensive enterprise-wide software solutions, with highly skilled resources for staff augmentation purposes both on and offsite.

Our Financial Services practice is led strong domain expertise. We have staff with more than 15 years of experience in Capital markets front office technology.

We believe in providing a comprehensive solution through a clear understanding of the project requirements. We genuinely believe in delivering a complete solution that will exceed client requirements.

Spectra Group Inc has grown exponentially because of its ability to attract the best talent in the industry through its highly competitive employee screening and excellent employee benefits packages. We work with large global corporations and new generation technology strategies in today's dynamic digital environment.

  • In-depth experience in Fixed income and Equities Markets
  • Specialized in Financial engineering, Trade management, Electronic Trading & Regulatory regimes
  • Track record demonstrating strong recruitment capabilities across general and niche domains ranging from core technologies such as C#, Java, C++, Databases, BI, OLAP to Quantitative and Data analytics and Big Data
  • 24x7 sourcing/recruiting process and a scalable team of recruiters & accounts managers to respond to the varying demands
  • We are committed to finding the talent our clients need where and when they need it
  • We have currently 160 consultants working onsite at various large sell-side institutions both in US and Canada

Offshore Services

We strongly believe offshore model is no longer only about the low cost but the talent, business knowledge and business processes that goes towards successful execution of clients engagements. With combined management experience of more than three decades in delivering successful offshore projects, we understand the true nature of offshore and how to make it highly successful.

We start with hiring the best available talent and integrate them into our culture where every member of the team focus on domain, business processes and execution to forge strong relationship with clients. Backed by our DevLabs, we constantly thrive to innovate in what we deliver and we bring the expertise and the speed to make our clients more competitive and successful.

We are partnering with TCS India to execute all our Client Offshore projects at their GRC approved facilities in Bangalore, India

Offshore Projects under execution

Spectra has undertaken a large Reference Data project to re-engineering and innovate centralized reference data platform for Fixed Income business