Q - mars

Query Management and Reporting

Q-MARS delivers high performance query managment and reporting for end users.

  • Streamlines all the query and reporting needs within the organization
  • Ability to operate against any Data Model
  • Queries are easier to create and share it with other users
  • Fully web enabled and easy to use
  • Macros makes queries dynamic and sensitive to date changes
  • Highly configurable and customizable

QMARS was built to deliver high performant query management and reporting platform for end users to build any complex queries and share with other users. It streamlines the query management and operates against any relational data model. Queries are easier to create and share with other users. The introduction of workflows made it easier for IT and business users within financial services firms to optimize and abstract out complex query semantics. With the addition of exception management, service queries, CSV queries and real-time reconciliation, it can be used as standard platform for query management and reconciliation.