Spectra’s software products are built specifically for
various segments that make up the finance industry.


Visualization & Business intelligence

SPIDER is visualization framework that provides rich set of widgets to visualize the data, draw actionable insights and allow easy integration with any portals.

  • Visualize the data
  • See the Usual and Spot the Unusual
  • Analyze & Interpret
  • Draw actionable insights
  • Aggregate across individual items
  • Identify patterns from one or more sources of data
  • Share insights with other users
  • Do all the above without custom development across disparate source of data

MarkitWire Gateways

Messaging gateways – Affirmation, Clearing & Reporting

MarkitWire Gateways fully abstracts all the MarkitWire functionality and simplify the messaging interfaces for Dealers.

  • Simplifies the Markitwire integration
  • Provides bi-directional flow of trades
  • Easier interfaces to book from Trader spreadsheets
  • Provides real-time exception management
  • Reconciliation between MarkitWire & internal systems
  • Supports Rates, Credit and EQD products
  • Support for all post-trade events, clearing and reporting

Q - mars

Query Management and Reporting

Q-MARS delivers high performance query managment and reporting for end users.

  • Streamlines all the query and reporting needs within the organization
  • Ability to operate against any Data Model
  • Queries are easier to create and share it with other users
  • Fully web enabled and easy to use
  • Macros makes queries dynamic and sensitive to date changes
  • Highly configurable and customizable


Decision rules engine – Regulatory & Compliance

FINRULES allows Rules Platform to be fully managed by end users

  • Aids in simplifying business logic through set of business rules
  • Superior Logic and Data Separation
  • Supports dynamic Rules Contexts and Rules Filtering
  • Centralization of knowledge base for easier maintenance
  • Rules UI provides rich user experience to manage overall life-cycle

Cash Management

Mobilize Financial Applications

Capture income and forecast, collect, disburse and plan cash for individual needs

  • Process of forecasting, collecting, disbursing and planning for the cash an individual needs
  • Allows users to capture their monthly income and expenses from various sources
  • See their overall financial health and to manage their projected cash flows
  • Navigate to any month within the Cash Management