Offshore Development

We start with hiring the best available talent and integrate them into our culture where every member of the team focus on domain, processes and execution, to forge strong relationship with clients. Backed by our Software lab, we constantly thrive to innovate in what we deliver and we bring the expertise and the speed to make our clients more competitive and successful. We have dedicated an offshore development center in Bangalore to attract the top talent pool India has to offer.

Our Offshore Strategy

Spectra vision is to be recognized in the markets we serve as a leading global provider of technology and business solutions through innovation, commitment, and talent

Offshore Projects ( Ongoing )

  • Investment Bank

  • SpectraDev Labs has currently undertaken large Offshore project to reengineer all the Reference Data needs for the Client’s Capital markets business. Spectra has taken overall responsibility for ongoing development and data governance including: automating data feeds, adding workflow rules to ensure data consistency, developing user interfaces, providing ongoing data governance services, leveraging knowledge of best practices, testing and support

  • Wellcare Healthcard

  • This was founded in India with a pure aim to provide a possible way to reduce the cost incurred during medical treatment. SpectraDev Labs built Customer Management Web Portal to automate the user subscription, appointments and reporting features

Offshore Projects ( Completed )

Hedge Fund

  • Query Tool to centrally manage all queries, share with other users and integrate into dashboards

MBS Brokerage

  • Whole Loan Trader Tool to streamline and optimize profitability of the loan sale process

Mobile App

  • Cash Management Mobile App for consumers to manage their consumer debt and cash flows

Healthcare Analytics

  • Business Intelligence and Data analytics Dashboard to visualize public healthcare data in UK region

WLN-TRADER TOOL ( Mortgage Analytics and Brokerage Firm, New York - Jun 2014 )

The Whole Loan (WLN) Trader Tool is designed to streamline the loan sale process for secondary marketing managers by generating pools of ready to sell loans. Our challenge with this platform was to bring desktop user experience to the web. We achieved this through the use of combined latest frameworks and third-party UI components to deal with rich user experience. The platform was built using ASP.NET MVC, JavaScript, Syncfusion, IIS, SQL Server, REST & SignalR.

QUERY TOOL ( Hedge Fund, New York - Dec 2013 )

Query Tool provides adhoc query capabilities to manage queries of any complexity. The tool allows users to centrally manage all their queries, share with other users and integrate into rich dashboards. The query builder allowed user to define additional constraints and reshaping the responses to fit their needs. Then we were given challenging task of migrating all Trader and Operations spreadsheets into this integrated query platform to solve their day-to-day query needs. This required closed collaboration with the client using agile methodology to ensure their expectations were met. The platform was built using ASP.NET MVC, JavaScript, Syncfusion, IIS, SQL Server.

Wizini Analytics ( Healthcare Analytics Firm, London - Sep 2014 )

Wizini Analytics is Visualization Portal provides healthcare insights based on real world data and plays an important role in improving the quality of healthcare. Healthcare insights can be used to understand how diseases affect population. This information can be used to estimate market sizes of various drugs and treatments. This was a close collaborative effort using agile methodology to build this platform. The biggest challenge was to deal with massive amount of data that were needed to offer the visualization and analytics. We used AWS RedShift platform to store the data in parallel nodes to improve query throughput. The visualization platform was built using Tableau, AWS, RedShift, Pentaho and ASP.NET MVC.