Decision rules engine – Regulatory & Compliance

FINRULES allows Rules Platform to be fully managed by end users

  • Aids in simplifying business logic through set of business rules
  • Superior Logic and Data Separation
  • Supports dynamic Rules Contexts and Rules Filtering
  • Centralization of knowledge base for easier maintenance
  • Rules UI provides rich user experience to manage overall life-cycle

Today there are many Rules Engines available in the market but to adapt these platforms by the business users is not an easy thing. There needs to be constant IT involvement in the development and maintenance of the Rules infrastructure for the business that is fast evolving. Our FINRULES product solves this problem by allowing the Rules Platform to be fully managed by end users. We engineered this product to deliver complex business logic into finite set of business rules. By providing the Rules Management UI along with powerful Rules engine, it becomes easier for business users to maintain the entire platform.