At SpectraDev Labs, our core belief is to deliver 'Buy Vs Build' strategy to our Clients and help them to be at the fore-front in adapting innovative technologies. To achieve this vision, we do collaborative research, responsive design and innovative development to deliver superior products to our clients.

Product Development

To take an idea and deliver this into a great product is an enormously challenging task. At SpectraDev Labs, we take this challenge seriously to ensure the final outcome of the product is superior in design, usability and delivers great value to our clients.

Advanced Development

We take feasible solutions and cull out the best alternatives to achieve a target capability or feature to incorporate into our products. Our Advanced Development Team is charged to carry out applied research to make this vision a reality and by delivering cutting edge and advanced technology solutions.

Methodologies and Execution


SpectraDev Labs follows Agile development methodology enabling us to deliver rapid results that emphasizes client feedback, adaptability and the application that works.


Constant communication with the clients and development team is extremely critical to the success of any project. We encourage frequent communications with the clients to ensure we are staying on the right track and ensure client is fully aware of the project progress.


SpectraDev Labs understands that the change is inevitable and will try to accommodate at important stages of development lifecycle to ensure finished product meets client expectations.

Iterative Releases

Frequent delivery of software builds at scheduled dates as agreed with the client.


Clients will enjoy unhindered access to frequent builds and project tracking for continuous updates.